Native American Jewelry – History and Fashion in One

Native American Jewelry is known for their intricate and beautiful art designs. They are jewelries made by American Indians. These tribes are the Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, and Zuni. Among those that were mentioned, the Navajo tribe is considered as the one who created, and still creates, most of the Native American Jewelry that exist today. Their various traditional and artistic designs are what most collectors and buyers love with their products.

These tribes are also known for making and wearing Native American bracelets which shows their affiliations and tribal status. These bracelets are usually made of silver and have a semi-precious gem which is usually turquoise. The styles may vary depending on what tribe created it. Certain factors such as geography, tradition, availability of materials, and personal taste may affect the way bracelets are designed. But regardless of the style and origin of the bracelet, it represents the tribe’s history, heritage, and artistry.

Collectors and fashion fanatics love Native American Jewelry, especially the bracelets, not only because of its beauty, but also because of the history and tradition behind every piece of it. There are also some who buy and wear it because they believe that there are supernatural powers behind the precious stone that the jewelries have. They believe it can help them in having a healthy life. Others also believed that these jewelries have healing powers. Shells, beads, animal bones, and minerals are usually used as a medium in Native American jewelry creation. Most of these jewelries have different colors and each piece of jewelry also has trademarks.

Whatever ideas you have about Native American Jewelry, you won’t surely go wrong in purchasing one. Not only that it adds up to your fashion style, but it can also make you feel like going back to the old times because of the history and tradition that comes along with it. If ever you are just a budding collector, or someone who just wants to purchase these jewelries, you can try to check the internet as there are surely a lot of sites that sell these jewelries along with pictures and prices of each.

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