Tiffany Lamps – For Enduring Sophisticated Beauty and Illumination

Tiffany lamps are undoubtedly the kind of lamps that will remain revered for a long time. Created in the late 1890s by a descendant of the owner of world famous jeweller Tiffany & Company, these light sources bore sophistication and craftsmanship right from the blueprint up to the completion of every single lamp. Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) tried his hand at a lot of artistic endeavors, including interior design, painting, photography, and had other passions like travelling and collecting. But it was his beautifully fashioned glass art lamps that bestowed him worldwide fame — and for several really good reasons.

Tiffany lamps are widely recognized for their magnificence and elaborate designs. In the olden days, they were handmade by proficient craftsmen. The glass was hand cut and assembled into their outline using a method called the Copper Foil, a unique process that involved exposing hot glass with metallic oxides that permeated into the molten glass and produced colors within it, which later was referred to as iridescent glass, typically associated with stained-glass windows. The technique allowed for a wider spectrum of colors, hues and textures. The painstaking process produced outstanding results that made the lamps tremendously admired by many. Because they were handcrafted, no two lamps looked alike, which added to their uniqueness and appeal. So, it was only logical that the lamps came extremely expensive.

Today, these lamps, especially the authentic ones, can command thousands to millions of dollars. Even with the length of time that passed since the last lamp of this style was created, their unwavering beauty and continuing popularity continue to this day. There are modern creations that tend to imitate them and their distinctive traits, with some producers even fashioning them using the ancient tradition of soldering pieces of stained glass. Called Tiffany style lamps, these renditions take their inspiration from the original ones and adhere to the same qualities as the authentic lamps.

The Tiffany style lamps of the modern times remain very popular with many people. One of the advantages of these lamps is that they are manufactured in numerous styles. There are mission style fixtures, while others are more complex, such as the pendants and torchiers. Generally, these reproductions have a brass base and a lavish shade made of numerous pieces of colored glass in different sizes and shapes. When choosing from arrays of these lamps, enthusiasts will notice that there are varieties that come in premium prices. For those operating on a budget, it is recommended to choose the most suitable type for their requirement to ensure that they are investing their money well.

With all the wonderful qualities that the Tiffany lamps possess, it is highly likely that the admiration and fascination for the craftsmanship will continue for a long time. For homeowners who wish to have a part of the magnificence of the Tiffany lamp but do not have the financial means, they can get reproductions that are as good as the original. But original or not, as long as they are carefully chosen, these lamps can still command a presence that no other lamp can, making them worthwhile items to own.

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Beauty and Health Benefits of Women’s Bracelets

Some girls just love jewelries and accessories. Women’s bracelet, beautiful rings or earrings are their weapons to make themselves more beautiful, presentable, and classy. What if these accessories do not only provide beauty but wellness as well? Isn’t that a great deal?

Magnetic bracelets are edgy bracelets made of magnetic component that are said to reduce pain if worn close to the body. Just like ordinary women’s bracelets, magnetic bracelets come in different stylish forms to suit the fashionable market all over the world. The only difference is that these bracelets are known to give healthy benefits to the wearer.

The production of magnetic bracelets started with the idea that magnetic fields can improve the flow of blood in the body. This alternative medicine is known as Magnet Therapy or Magnotherapy that specifically involves wearing a magnetic field device or accessory close to the body in a regular basis to improve health of the body and even heal minor and major sickness of the body.

It comes in different forms such as women’s bracelets, rings, or body wraps to improve health, reduce body pains due to sicknesses, and heal body illnesses. Since most of the human’s body is composed of magnetic fields, magnets can have a positive effect to the over-all well being of the body. Other reports say that it has a direct effect to the nervous system because contractions of the muscles are related to magnetic activity. Since human’s heart is the largest of all the muscles of the body, magnets can improve its condition, making it healthier and more alive. Reports also say that the magnetic component of these bracelets reacts to the underlying tissues all over the body. The result of this reaction is improved body flow. This is the reason why wearing magnets can make the wearer feel more rejuvenated and in good health.

It has been said that magnetic bracelets have the ability to reduce the pain of its wearer. According to some research, magnetic bracelets, if worn closely to the body, can reduce pain in the hand, wrist, shoulder, and elbow. Some are using these bracelets in replacement to other medications and even surgery. Magnetic bracelets are also used to heal general body illnesses such as foot ache, back pains, sickness due to menstruation, nerve pains, and migraine. Some people wear these magnets to heal pain from arthritis, osteoarthritis, and diabetes.

Magnetic women’s bracelets have many other benefits aside from better health condition and fashionable statement. These bracelets are also known to be very durable. Since these bracelets are made with metal, they could last a really long time even if worn every day. Magnets are said to be as strong as steel and compared to other metals, magnets can survive severe conditions such as harsh weather, outdoor and indoor physical activities. Most of these magnetic are very lightweight and can be worn without feeling too much pressure on the wrist. It can also be used as an alternative if the woman is allergic to other type of jewelries.

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Give the Gift of Time With a Beautiful and One of a Kind Watch

Time does not stop for anyone. It is an ongoing and often times frustrating phenomenon. Waking up in the morning, you check the time. Before bed at night, you check to see what hour you are going to bed. It is inevitable to ignore it. It is a hard fact of life. Though, on the positive side, we are able to keep track of it with things like calendars and watches. If you are looking for a great gift for someone, then you should consider buying them a striking watch.

A watch is a great gift for people of all ages. It is a universal gift that holds no sort of emotional weight to it, meaning you can give this to someone you really love or for someone who is merely a good coworker. It is common to give a watch for someone who has worked at a certain company for many years. Usually, they engrave it with some sort of sweet sentiment. This is a perfect example of giving a watch as a gift to someone who you may not have romantic or familial feelings towards.

On the other hand, a watch is also a great gift for a young man or young woman who is graduating from high school. It is given with the expectation that they will need to look professional one day, so the watch is often very stately looking, yet fitting their personality. This is also a great gift for an 18th birthday party. The person who is turning 18 is of course a legal adult now, so what better gift than a great gold or silver watch?

Watches do not even need to look functional to wear them. There are many watches that you find for the sole purpose of being a dressy looking yet practical accessory, mainly for women. These watches will showcase a beautiful watch face, usually of mother of pearl, and sometimes they will have diamonds set in as well.

For men, there are a number of watches with supple leather bands that surround a wonderful looking clock face that can easily tell you the time while looking fashionable. If that is not the style you are looking for, fear not, because there are a number of good-looking watches made of stainless steel. A sturdy and functional look that also looks very striking set with the right outfit.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who is perhaps very hard to shop for, why not consider a nice watch? Giving the gift of time to someone, albeit through a watch, sends a message of hope for the future. Not to mention, they get a great piece that is both practical and fashionable.

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Costume and Fashion Jewelry – Fun Accessories at a Nice Price

When you think about jewelry, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Gemstones? Rings? Necklaces? Cost? Jewelry is so much more than expensive gemstones in a ring or necklace setting, and the term can encompass watches, necklaces, bracelets, and even headbands and more. The fun thing about fashion accessories is that they can make an outfit exciting without necessarily breaking the bank. While the price of many jewelers can be expensive, this does not mean that everyday people cannot have fun with adornment and fashion. Focus on costume and fashion accessory pieces for beauty at great prices.

Costume vs. Fashion Pieces

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, costume jewelry is “fancy jewelry that is usually made of inexpensive materials rather than real gold, diamonds, et cetera.” These products may include rhinestones, plastic gems, or beads. Costume accessories were made popular around the 1930s by women who sought to protect their heirlooms from daily wear and tear and possible theft. These pieces were made to look similar to their more expensive counterparts so that women could wear them occasionally without worrying about losing them. Alternately, fashion accessories, which became popular around the 1980s, are fairly inexpensive. These trendy pieces are often described as “statement pieces,” while costume accessories would be described as “vintage” or “classic.”


When making costume and fashion pieces, specialists often use a nickel base sprayed with pieces of gold or silver to give it a high-end look. Fake gems and rhinestones may also be used to make the accessory look more like the real deal. Created to look like small diamonds by putting metal flakes on the back of rock crystals, rhinestones sparkle under the light and can be dyed to several colors. Other materials used to make costume and fashion jewelry are rubber, metal, plastic, acrylic, and semi-precious stones.


Over the decades, fashion pieces have made several statements. In the 1980s, women wore huge beaded necklaces and colorful bracelets; sweatbands were worn as fashion statements as well. Teenagers and young women wore extravagant gold-plated hoop earrings, bangles, and plastic bracelets.

In the 1990s, when grunge was popular, young people often wore chunky pieces made with nickel and silver plating. Metal bead necklaces and chains were also go-to pieces. And rings for noses, navels, ears, tongues, eyebrows, and lips were part of the grunge/heavy metal/rock band look.

Finally, in the 2000s, sterling silver became more popular and affordable. Thinly-made necklaces gave wearers the desired subtle look, and accessories like costume jewelry became more and more trendy. Men liked gold-plated and silver-plated Figaro chains, multi-colored beaded bracelets were the rave for children and young adults, and rubber bracelets, bangles, and charm bracelets made a comeback.

Costume and fashion adornments are, indeed, an affordable way to look cool. Prices can range from $5-$400. Whether you buy these pieces from a local jeweler or buy the material to make it yourself, either type of accessory can be a fun and creative way to spruce up your wardrobe and feel elegant!

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Native American Jewelry – History and Fashion in One

Native American Jewelry is known for their intricate and beautiful art designs. They are jewelries made by American Indians. These tribes are the Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, and Zuni. Among those that were mentioned, the Navajo tribe is considered as the one who created, and still creates, most of the Native American Jewelry that exist today. Their various traditional and artistic designs are what most collectors and buyers love with their products.

These tribes are also known for making and wearing Native American bracelets which shows their affiliations and tribal status. These bracelets are usually made of silver and have a semi-precious gem which is usually turquoise. The styles may vary depending on what tribe created it. Certain factors such as geography, tradition, availability of materials, and personal taste may affect the way bracelets are designed. But regardless of the style and origin of the bracelet, it represents the tribe’s history, heritage, and artistry.

Collectors and fashion fanatics love Native American Jewelry, especially the bracelets, not only because of its beauty, but also because of the history and tradition behind every piece of it. There are also some who buy and wear it because they believe that there are supernatural powers behind the precious stone that the jewelries have. They believe it can help them in having a healthy life. Others also believed that these jewelries have healing powers. Shells, beads, animal bones, and minerals are usually used as a medium in Native American jewelry creation. Most of these jewelries have different colors and each piece of jewelry also has trademarks.

Whatever ideas you have about Native American Jewelry, you won’t surely go wrong in purchasing one. Not only that it adds up to your fashion style, but it can also make you feel like going back to the old times because of the history and tradition that comes along with it. If ever you are just a budding collector, or someone who just wants to purchase these jewelries, you can try to check the internet as there are surely a lot of sites that sell these jewelries along with pictures and prices of each.

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